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Proove’s academic presence

Proove Academy was established to bridge the gap between standard education in most universities and the education needs in the professional world within the domain of project management. The tools & techniques required by a project controls professional are rarely part of any curriculum.

In our mission to bridge the gap between theory & practice, we develop and deliver training courses ourselves, and also establish partnerships with universities that also strive to close this gap.

During the last years, Proove organized courses and guest lectures at KU Leuven, Antwerp Management School, Universiteit Antwerpen, HEC Liège, Universidade do Minho, Porto Business School and IESEG School of Management. A great opportunity for us to increase awareness on project controls for professionals and future professionals.

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Stefan Creemers
Stefan Creemers
Professor Dr. at IESEG School of Management

As professor in project management at IESEG school of management, I fully acknowledge the added value of Proove in project management education. Having the opportunity to include their practical expertise in my courses, is clearly in the best interest of my students.

IESEG School of Management

Our closest academic partnership is with IESEG School of Management. Professor Dr. Stefan Creemers and Proove’s managing director Stijn Van de Vonder are past colleagues at K.U.Leuven and at start-up Sequentis. Ever since they have a pact to collaborate on bridging the gap between business and academics in project management.

Our collaboration has already produced many deliverables:

  • We jointly developed the Proove Scheduling Game, an interactive business game where participants have to use their project controls skills to create a competitive advantage in a competitive environment. The game is a fun eye-opener on the importance of effective scheduling & risk management.
  • Proove delivers guest lectures in the project management courses at IESEG. In these lectures we discuss practical case studies that show how the theory thought by Professor Creemers is put in practice.
  • We jointly develop and review project management courses to ensure that these are both academically and practically significant.
  • We discuss research opportunities. The aim here is to steer academic research to solving the complex problems that the market is currently facing. This has resulted in a number of co-authored papers.
  • Professor Creemers serves as a member of Proove’s innovation board during our innovation day.
  • Professor Creemers developed a utility for Proove to calculate schedule flexibility. This utility is used whenever Proove runs a complete schedule check for their clients and gives us key insight on the quality of the project schedule that no commercial available tool can give us.
  • At multiple occasions, professor Creemers was involved as an expert in simulation modelling and defining algorithms to design state-of-the-art solutions for our clients.

Altogether, a wonderful win-win partnership that will certainly be continued for years to come.

Stijn Vande Vonder web C

Never forget that there is a reason why the theory became the theory.

Stijn Van de Vonder
Lead Academy

Project Controls Education

Thanks to their academic partnerships, Proove Academy offers a complete project controls program. We believe that our program stands out because it learns very practical hands-on tools & techniques, but also explains their theoretical foundations. As consultants, we observe that many of the practical issues our clients face within project controls occur because underlying theoretical concepts are bypassed.

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