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Participants of the project scheduling game have the task to turn project scheduling into a real competitive advantage over their colleagues. Making no scheduling mistakes & taking the right decisions under time-pressure will make you the winner of this game.

However, round by round, the game is getting increasingly challenging when resources, risks and contractual deadlines are being introduced. Will you be able to cope with them in your project schedule?

  • 4 hours
  • Online or classroom
  • €1000 per game (min. 8 players)
  • No experience
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Why this training?

This business game aims at creating awareness of the importance and the complexity of project scheduling. This learning process takes place while having lots of fun!


The Project Scheduling Game is developed in collaboration with the IESEG School of Management (Lille-Paris) and is exclusively offered to you by Proove Academy.

Target audience

Those intrigued by projects

Learning method

Business game

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