Principles of Project Controls

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This training aims to give the participant a good understanding of what project controls is and isn’t. Some basic concepts will be defined that will be used throughout all the other training courses. The training will briefly discuss the different knowledge areas (time, cost, risk, etc.) and how they integrate. Afterwards, an overview will be given of project controls techniques.

After this training awareness of the importance of project controls should be created and the participant should be triggered to discover more. It is often combined with our 4 hour follow-up training, 'The art of making an effective WBS'.

  • Monday 30 September, 2024
  • 4 hours
  • Online or classroom
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  • Defining Project Controls
  • Project Controls Areas
  • Project Controls Cycle
  • Project Controls Techniques
Learning method

Includes an exercise in which the participant does basic project controls calculations on scope, time, risk, resources and cost for a small project. The aim is to learn the concepts and to understand how project controls concepts can be applied to all knowledge areas.

Target audience

Anyone who is interested in project controls. This training is recommended as introduction for soon-to-be professionals and as awareness for other project professionals.

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