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This training looks at planning from a more strategic perspective. The participant will learn how to carefully reflect on choices in the design of the planning and the planning organisation so that optimal value is created for the project. The training is set up as an extensive step-by-step guide that exposes you to the different choices to be made during a planning’s design.

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Why this training

Project controls is much more than simply drafting a schedule, especially for complex multi-disciplinary projects. This training focuses on the why of project controls. This allows the participant to make smart implementation choices afterwards.

Learning goals
  • Define and implement a project controls strategy for your project.
  • Implement a project controls system for your project.
  • Project Communication
  • Communication Planning
  • Workflows
  • Document Control
  • Project Controls Dashboards
Learning method

Classroom training with frequent exercises.

  • The participants will make a workflow for the critical scheduling update process.
  • The participants will make an inspiring design for a comprehensive project controls dashboard.
Target audience

Dedicated for planning engineers and other project controls professionals.

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