Academy Pricing 2024

Academy Teacher

The teachers are real professionals. They take their time to explain everything in detail and focus on aspects that are important for you or your organization.

Loren Van Lishout
Commercial Manager at Sweco Belgium

We have four different formulas to deliver our Academy training courses. Following our company values, we employ a transparent pricing policy.

1. Open

2. Open
Registration (NL)

3. In-company

4. In-company Small Group

Participate in our open registration training courses following our calendar

Participate in the open registration courses of our Dutch partner Primaned

Organize an in-company training where our trainer can easier respond to company specific requests

Because of the added value of in-company training, we introduced a special rate for small groups.

645 €
per person
per day

645 €
per person
per day

1.980 €
per day
(up to 8 participants)

1.420 €
per day
(up to 3 participants)

In-company trainings can also be organized online. Open registrations are alternatively organized online and offline.

Since 2021, our manuals are distributed digitally (after acceptance of a non-disclosure agreement). Printed manuals can be ordered optionally, for €85 per manual.