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Communication is key in project controls. Effective project controls requires us to gather data from the team and also to report the right insights back to the team. This training will show how to communicate effectively and how to manage the related documents.

  • 8 hours
  • Online or classroom
  • 625€ pp
  • No experience
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Why this training

Analysis is only valuable if we succeed in reporting the outcomes in a format that induces action. This training will inspire the participant by showing multiple communication flows and data visualizations that they can use on their own project.

Learning goals
  • Make a workflow.
  • Do document control for your project.
  • Make a design of an effective project controls dashboard.
  • Project Communication
  • Communication Planning
  • Workflows
  • Document Control
  • Project Controls Dashboards
Learning method

Classroom training with frequent exercises.

  • The participants will make a workflow for the critical scheduling update process.
  • The participants will make an inspiring design for a comprehensive project controls dashboard.
Target audience

Dedicated for planning engineers and other project controls professionals.

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