Project Controls Inspiration Day

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Time for the project controls community to meet again and to share knowledge. Our Project Controls Inspiration Day will take place on September 27th and we have again chosen for the wonderful Tivoli Castle in Mechelen.


09:30 Welcome at the castle
10:00 Opening talk Welcome and some Proove news Stijn Van de Vonder
10:15 Portfolio Management: optimize your project mix While in Project Controls we focus on steering a project to deliver business value, in Portfolio Management we focus on optimizing the value created by the portfolio mix of an organization. There is a clear intersection between the two worlds and this in presentation we will show you how to integrate both in order in order to have a permanent view on your current situation and make impactful decisions based on reliable information. Fréderic Debouche

João Miranda
11:15 Prayon: doing the right projects right Prayon is a world leader in phosphate transformation with plants in Europe, the USA and North Africa. Few years ago, we have been asked to support them with the implementation of Oracle Primavera Cloud which they had already chosen. In such an environment, Portfolio Management and Project Controls are strongly inter-related. Therefore, we had to provide a smart solution which gives them the ability to go from an idea to a realized project while making sure the projects they are executing are the right ones. Today, with the support of Oracle Primavera Cloud, they are able to run the right projects right which is an ideal situation for any plant managing CAPEX projects. André Laboulle

Fréderic Debouche

Aude Heptia
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Change control: Preventing disputes through tools and techniques Project changes are inevitable and the basis of many disputes. Still, project teams struggle to keep control on scope, to keep track on all changes and to be on top of all related administration. With the help of Oracle Primavera Cloud, we’ll uncover techniques to prepare yourself for discussions with your project’s counterparts. This session will give you the confidence you need to accept and initiate change in a controlled manner to optimize efficiency, collaboration and, in the end, project value for all parties involved… and decrease the number of headaches
Gert Truyens
14:15 Early Contracting Involvement: Preventing disputes through early involvement and collaborative contracting The potential for project cost blowouts coupled with the progressively complex nature of planning for infrastructure works is a main challenge on many infrastructure projects. Practitioners are increasingly looking at alternative methods which engage parties earlier in that process to effectively ‘de-risk’ their projects at an early stage and prevent disputes later on. Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) is therefore a valuable project delivery method to consider.

This session will give you insights which types of ECI models exist, when those models are appropriate and how they differ regarding project management, project controls, risk provisioning, etc. With some good industry practices and specific cases, we’ll go through some approaches to resolve disagreements more effectively, when they occur.

Because we’re convinced there is no better way to structure and control a project than by investing in an optimal collaboration early on.

Kenneth Willems
15:15 Networking & drinks
Niels Ligtvoet web C

Sharing knowledge is a key element in our mission to better manage projects

Niels Ligtvoet
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