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Microsoft Project is a planning tool that is relatively simple to work with, as most users have experience with the MS Office suite.. Off-the-shelf, the settings are not according to Project Controls best practices. A lot of schedules can already be improved by just knowing which options should be turned on or off. Furthermore, How do you create and assign resources? How can you best track progress and reschedule? And what are the benefits of good use of baselines and the different Gantt chart visualizations?

  • Thursday 02 May, 2024
    Monday 07 October, 2024
  • 2 days
  • Online or classroom
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Why this training

Microsoft project is much more than Excel with GANTT charts. Creating good critical path-based schedule in MS Project requires a certain step-by-step approach. Our trainers are professionals that use MS Project on a daily basis to schedule & control complex projects. They will teach you how to correctly use this tool so that your schedules are ready to steer your project to success.

Learning goals
  • Properly handle the software and know which elements are essential to have a good planning.
  • Create a planning by yourself including activities, relationships, schedules and progress based on different cases that are interwoven in the manual.
  • Getting started with MS Project
  • Defining tasks and relationships
  • Constraints and calendars
  • The critical path method
  • Layouts and reporting
  • Working with resources
  • Managing baselines and tracking progress
Learning method

This is a classroom training with exercises.

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