The Future of Project Management with Proove & InEight

Date: April 18th
Time: 09:30 onwards
Location: Manhattan Meeting Center, Avenue du Boulevard 21/1, Brussels

As the construction industry embarks on a new era of digital transformation, the importance of seamless project management and integrated controls has never been more critical. In an exclusive partnership, Proove and InEight are at the forefront of this revolution, offering cutting-edge solutions that redefine the standards of construction project management.

Join us for an enlightening day as we explore the synergies between Proove's expertise in project controls and InEight's advanced construction project management software. This event is dedicated to unveiling the potential of connected construction, demonstrating how our combined vision and technologies are setting new benchmarks for efficiency, collaboration, and success in construction projects.

From groundbreaking insights into the InEight Project Controls Platform to practical demonstrations of its impact on key industry processes such as offshore wind farm projects, this program is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of how integrated solutions can drive transformative outcomes in construction.

Engage with industry experts, enjoy live product demonstrations, and explore collaborative discussions on the future of construction project management. Whether you're looking to enhance your project's efficiency, explore innovative solutions, or network with leading professionals, we look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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Welcome + Coffee



Frédéric Debouche (Proove)


The InEight Project Controls Platform - Realizing the Vision of Connected Construction

Brad D. Barth


InEight introduction to the new Schedule launch, recent development, and future roadmap aligning with market demands. Learn how InEight's vision for an integrated project controls platform is providing world class functionality and collaboration across sixteen business processes, including estimating, cost management, scheduling, contract management, document control, and more.


InEight Schedule Module in Action for Offshore Wind Farm Projects

Flora Bai


Discover the capabilities of InEight's Schedule module in our live product demonstration, spotlighting an offshore wind farm use case. Explore collaborative project scheduling, AI-driven enhancements, streamlined review processes, and robust built-in risk analysis tools, gaining valuable insights into the transformation of the Schedule and Risk Management processes.




Further unpacking InEight’s ability to execute business process through a Connected Platform

Jordan Cannon (InEight)

InEight’s connected platform enables key industry business processes to be executed bring together stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of a project. A few examples including cost budgeting and forecasting, vendor and contract management, procure to pay, and issue/change management will be demonstrated to show the InEight platform in action.


Towards Autonomous Project Management: Proove's Integration of InEight

Frédéric Debouche


At the heart of Proove's project controls philosophy is a future in which there is much less need for hands-on project controllers. In this presentation, we will show how Proove leverages InEight's tools to make this dream a reality, by ensuring the right information reaches the right people at the right time, thereby maintaining project oversight with minimal manual intervention.

15:00 onwards



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