How tracking leads to improvement

Our business is all about analyzing project data and delivering the right insights to trigger the appropriate actions. The underlying mission is to use data to improve the project outcome.

Stijn Vande Vonder web C
Stijn Van de Vonder
Managing director

As data analytics is in our DNA, we also use it for our own internal strategy. A nice example is our Health Dashboard. “Be healthy” is one of our six strategic goals as a company and we have set a target to collectively burn 1.000.000 kcalories in 2020 with our 20-person team.

Our data consultants have created an interactive business intelligence dashboard in Power BI to track our progress. It loads live data in Power BI from Strava through its Open API, by using a Microsoft Power Automate workflow. Creative and simple.

It results in a nice visualization, but much more important is its impact. Almost every team member started to move. Running, cycling, playing tennis, gym, walking… Every burned kcal counts against the group target.

Having the right insight is crucial to engage people and to ensure that targets are obtained. Also for your projects. We are more than willing to help with that.