Financial transparency

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Proove believes in new ways of doing business.

We adhere to 10 principles that shape our company as a contemporary, ethical and positive workplace and / or business partner.

One of the 10 principles that our company builds on is financial transparency (cf. principle 8. Open Books).

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Serge Rooms

One of Proove’s finest principles is its commitment to give back to the people who contribute to its success.

Practice what you preach

This article proves that we take this principle seriously. We have no problem to share our profits and the profit distribution with our team and even with the world.

Our colleagues are overachievers. We all work very hard to optimize our profits. As a result, we have been a profitable company for a number of years now. We are proud of that and we are even prouder on the way we distribute our profits back to the team.

Let the numbers speak for themselves:

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