InEight Schedule

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InEight Schedule helps you create, collaborate and risk-adjust plans to achieve more than 75% confidence in project execution. This construction scheduling solution uses artificial intelligence to establish a daily plan for teams in the field while ensuring alignment with your CPM schedule

Reduce planning time and execute with greater confidence across the project life cycle. You’ll guard against overly optimistic schedules and oversimplified risk evaluations.

InEight Schedule is a construction scheduling solution that leverages artificial, human and now risk intelligence to drive plan realism.

  • Top-down planning: rapid top-down plan development. Accelerated by ai. Validated by your team.
  • Collaborative team-based planning: execute digital interactive plan reviews with virtual collaboration.
  • Construction field planning: crew coordination for constraint free execution that aligns with the broader project schedule.
  • Risk adjusted forecasting: drive project confidence by accounting for and mitigating risk.
  • Risk analytics: visualize risk exposure, analyze root cause and improve project certainty.
  • Risk register: track your risk history so you don’t repeat it.

InEight integrates with commonly used software packages such as Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, Deltek Acumen, SAP, Autodesk solutions, …

Curious to see the tool in action?

You can watch our full functionality demo of InEight Schedule.
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