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Gert Truyens web C

Our team has the right mix between academic fundaments, hands-on experience and technological genius. Together we know more.

Gert Truyens
Lead Key Accounts

The way our four services interact,
defines the Proove quality signature.

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We staff your project’s key positions in project controls with top professionals.

Our operations Proovees are all intensively trained within our own Proove Academy. Proove operations staffs planning and other project control services for the duration of your project. With them on your team you’ll acquire reliable, knowledgeable team members to ensure an optimal project outcome.

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Serge Rooms web C

Our well-trained project controls engineers can be added to your team as a direct quality injection for hands-on planning and control services.

Serge Rooms
Lead Operations

Operations Services

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Proficient project controls experts who are eager to deliver expert advice and advanced services that perfectly complement our operational services.

Project controls is not a one-(wo)man show. There are many different techniques within our domain that require in-depth knowledge. Our Proovees are encouraged to gain expertise in and study those different techniques.

The more complex project controls projects require more complex techniques. Proove Expert Services provides this expert advice, optimizes your project controls processes and staffs expert roles in your projects.

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Niels Ligtvoet web C

Upgrade your project controls with advanced techniques such as schedule risk analysis, 4D planning, EVM or delay analysis? We can do it.

Niels Ligtvoet
Lead Expert Services

Expert Services

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Our Technology department at Proove consists of a set of hybrid Proovees. They all have a strong affinity with project controls and information technology.

As an 100% independent knowledge hub, we benchmark different solutions and act as a trusted advisor to our clients to find the best solutions for their needs. We are constantly exploring the market for best-in-class tools that add value to our client's business case.

Since we believe the power of project controls lies in the integration and visualization, we will integrate different data sources to turn raw project data into insights and actionable knowledge.

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Frédéric Debouche web C

Technology changes so fast. We want to be your trusted partner to explore all novelties and select the right solutions for your business case.

Frédéric Debouche
Lead Technology

Technology Services

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Our Academy has the mission to satisfy the business need for a formal education to become a project controls professional. Our essentials program provides the basis that every project controls professional should master to have a successful career in project controls. In addition to the fundamentals, we offer tool training courses for many leading project controls tools. All our training courses are given by operational experts.

We also understand that the success of project controls depends on the overall awareness in the organization. We bring awareness and inspiration for a larger audience.

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Stijn Vande Vonder web C

We believe that a dedicated training program is needed for a successful career in project controls.

Stijn Van de Vonder
Lead Academy

Training services

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