Primavera P6

Prop P6

Market-leading Critical Path scheduling software

Primavera P6 (EPPM) is the de-facto standard to schedule and control complex projects and programs thanks to its strong scheduling engine. It allows multiple planning engineers and project managers to collaborate effectively in a single centralized database.

Its core functionalities are:

  • Structuring of project scope (WBS)
  • Developing (integrated) project schedules
  • Resource-loading and enterprise resource management
  • Progress monitoring & control
  • Earned value management as a project cost controls technique
  • Collaboration through Team Member application
  • Timesheets
  • Reporting (BI Publisher)
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Frédéric Debouche
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Primavera P6

Choosing the right implementation type of Primavera P6 for your business, might require some expert advice to answer some questions:

  • Which of the license types is best for me? What are the different between P6 professional and P6 EPPM?
  • Is Oracle's cloud solution an option? What is the financial impact of that choice?
  • Should we install the databases on a local PC, on own servers or should we opt for a SAAS solution?
  • What about Oracle Primavera Cloud (OPC)? Is that not an option?

Proove can help you to answer these questions such that you can proceed with the right choice.

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Primavera P6

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