Document control – a crucial part of project controls

Document control

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Some tools are more suited for the first use case. We believe that this is true for the popular Microsoft SharePoint and for the document management functionality in most construction management software packages. For complex (and contractual) projects, document management deserves a best-of-breed solution that covers both use cases.

Oracle Aconex is the market leader for contractual document control. Amongst many other things, Oracle Aconex is a great platform to transmit documents between contractual parties, while keeping a complete audit trail. Its success in the market is partially due to its neutrality principle, which we explain in a different blog post.

Getting the right DMS for you

Getting the most out of document controls means selecting the right Document Management System, having a solid document management strategy and implementing the DMS following this strategy.

Proove positions itself as a trusted advisor. We are independent of any software vendor but certified to implement multiple tools. Oracle Aconex might be the leader but is not by default the best fit for your organization. Its challengers such as InEight Document (previously named Teambinder), Procore and Asite also have their strengths. The best choice also always depends on additional needs that the organization might have on model coordination, field management or procurement and on legacy systems that need to be integrated with.

Selecting and implementing a DMS is not an easy task. We are available to help you with that.

Depending on the DMS though, it is often easier to implement than some other software tools. However, as Proove, we always want our customers to make the most out of their tool selections. Therefore, we can help you with its selection and implementation based on your Document Control strategy which we can define together if it’s not already the case.

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