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From Primavera P6 to Oracle Primavera Cloud (OPC)

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Primavera P6 has been the market leading tool for planning projects for a very long time. Steadily, its successor Oracle Primavera Cloud is replacing it. At Proove, we have been early adaptors of OPC and for that reason we developed a training to smoothen the transition from P6 to OPC for experienced planning engineers.

  • Thursday 03 October, 2024
    Monday 15 July, 2024
    Monday 22 July, 2024
  • 4-8 hours
  • Classroom or online
  • Classroom (8 hours): €645 per person (3 participants minimum). Online (2x4 hours): €395 per person (3 participants minimum).
  • Primavera P6
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Meet our expert
Gilles Vandecaveye
Project Controls Engineer

Why this training?

We know a lot of project controls professionals that have some years of experience with Primavera P6. Recent years, Primavera Cloud* is growing its market share, since it is a tool made for collaboration with colleagues, clients or subcontractors. It also integrates multiple domains such as scheduling, risks, scope, change management, tasks (last planner or lean), dashboards & reports, costs and resources in one application.

The goal of this training is not to educate you on how to set up a schedule or how a baseline or calendar works, but to show you how to do in Primavera Cloud what you did in Primavera P6. We teach you the main structural things that have changed next to the small, but important settings that can make your scheduling-life easier.

* Don’t confuse Primavera Cloud and Primavera P6 EPPM Cloud.

Learning goals

  • Understanding the structure of Primavera Cloud and how projects are organized.
  • Knowing the main differences to set up a schedule in Primavera Cloud and Primavera P6
  • Getting tips and tricks on using OPC


  • Collaborating via Oracle Primavera Cloud with colleagues, clients and subcontractors
  • Enterprise Project Structure (EPS) becomes Workspaces, Portfolios and Programs
  • Layout becomes Views
  • Activity Codes and User Defined Fields become Codes and Configured Fields
  • Using formulas in Configured Fields
  • Different use of Baselines, Scenarios and Schedule Comparison
  • Multi-project scheduling
  • Schedule check
  • Important settings

Learning method

This is an online training through MS Teams with exercises.

Target audience

Anyone that has experience in scheduling with Primavera P6 and wants to become an even better scheduler in Oracle Primavera Cloud.

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