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Oracle Primavera Cloud (OPC): Basic Training

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Proove has decades of experience with the implementation and training in the use of Primavera. This training has been developed together with our planning engineers and technical consultants. Good planning is much more than just “bar racking”.

  • Wednesday 16 October, 2024
    Wednesday 17 July, 2024
    Wednesday 31 July, 2024
    Wednesday 07 August, 2024
  • 3 days
  • Classroom
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Meet our expert
Gilles Vandecaveye
Project Controls Engineer

The teachers are real professionals, who work as planners everyday, so they have an extensive knowledge of Primavera and planning in general. They take their time to explain everything in detail and focus on aspects that are important for you or your organization.

Loren Van Lishout
Commercial Manager at Sweco Belgium

Why this training?

As project controls professionals we know that scheduling is not just drawing bars on a timeline. It’s breaking down your project in work packages, adding the right level of detail to activities, adding the resources needed to execute these activities, defining the (sub-)critical path(s), setting up the right procedures and especially making the right analyses.

Primavera P6 has been the undisputed champion of scheduling tools for a long time. Recent years, Oracle Primavera Cloud or OPC is starting to take over the leading market position. We teach you the correct usage of this tool.

Learning Goals

  • Properly handle the software and know which elements are essential to have a good planning.
  • Create a planning by yourself including activities, relationships, schedules and progress based on different cases that are interwoven in the manual.


  • Collaborating with colleagues and subcontractors or clients via Oracle Primavera Cloud
  • Create Workspaces, Projects and a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Create activities and relationships
  • Scheduling
  • Calendars and constraints
  • Codes and configured fields
  • Views and filters
  • Roles, Resources and Levelling
  • Baselines and scenarios
  • Introduce and analyze progress
  • Multi-project scheduling
  • Schedule check

Learning method

This is a classroom training with exercises.

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to up their game in scheduling using Oracle Primavera Cloud.

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