Creating a simple project with ChatGPT

Chat GPT Team Meeting June2023
Ghali El Samad
Ghali El Samad
Applied knowledge

ChatGPT is all the rage these days! Some people are super excited about it, while others feel suspicious and scared. The artificial chatbot is fascinating—it's like a cool trick to get past writer's block when you're stuck writing blogs. Even students and professionals have jumped on board, using it to make their daily tasks easier. The possibilities with ChatGPT seem endless! But here at Proove, we wanted to go beyond the hype and really explore what it can do. How can it help us as project controls engineers and consultants? So, Proovees Matthias and Ghali decided to ask ChatGPT directly. And guess what? It claims it can do anything! Let's see if it can create a simple project schedule!

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