Resource planning

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Adding resources to a schedule can add a lot of value for projects. This course gives an overview of a number of techniques to manage your project resources more effectively. Resource management is also looked at from an enterprise standpoint, where multiple projects compete for shared resources.

  • 8 hours
  • Online or classroom
  • €595 pp
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Why this training

When clients tell us that they want to manage resources, it is not always crystal clear what they exactly want and why they want this. Managing resources can be about feasibility, budgeting, steering, control, etc. In this course, we give an overview of many possibilities so that the user can develop a fit-to-purpose way of managing their resources in the right level-of-detail.

Learning goals
  • Assign resources to activities, understand distribution over time, make histograms and S-curves.
  • Understand the impact of resources on planning and how resources can be optimized.
  • Why Resource Management?
  • Resource Loading
  • Resource Levelling
  • Resource Control
  • Enterprise Resource Management
  • Lean Scheduling
Learning method

Classroom training with many hands-on exercises where the participants need to assign and optimize resources on paper.

Target audience

Planning engineers and other project members.

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